Saturday, March 20, 2010

May 10, 2010

This is another monumental date for the Philippines. This date, every Filipino will be equal (supposedly) - regardless of economic or political status. The power will be once again put to the hands of the citizens. Another set of leaders will be chosen to lead the nation towards a bright or miserable future.

Most Filipinos think that the path that the Philippines will be taking will depend greatly on the hands of these leaders, but the truth is it is in the hands of every single Juan dela Cruz who would exercise their right to select the person that they think is able and credible enough to carry out the great responsibility of improving the Philippines in all aspects (economic, political, moral, social, etc.).

Survey results, advertisement and publicity are not sufficient to tell whether a candidate is the "Man for the Job." Please do not be blinded with all these deceptions. Individual track records and reputation should be evaluated before selecting a candidate. Select the person that is best suited for the position and keep in mind that who ever would win the 2010 election would lead the country for a couple of years - time sufficient to make changes that would greatly affect the future of the Philippines.

The constitution empowers the citizens to set the future of the whole nation. It's now up to every individual whether this power would be utilized or put to waste.

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